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5 Easy Exercises You Can Add Into Any Day

For some, “exercise” can be an extremely daunting word. Finding time to go to the gym can be a struggle when considering our busy day-to-day schedule, and gaining the willpower to get moving isn’t always the easiest. We all know that physical activity is necessary for a healthy body, but it requires a lot effort and determination – or does it?

There are actually many simple changes you can make in your daily routine to bring more physical activity back into your life. Here are some easy exercises that anyone can do, stress-free.

1. Park Your Car Farther Away from the Store

While scoring the absolutely closest parking spot to a store can sometimes feel like winning the lottery, you’re missing out on an extremely easy exercise! Parking at the back of the lot and walking farther to and from your car is the perfect way to add some more steps into your day. As an added bonus, it lowers the likelihood of your vehicle getting dinged by another car door!

2. Take Your Dog for More Walks

Grab the leash and head out with your furry pal to explore the great outdoors together. Whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood or an adventure through a local trail, both you and your dog will benefit physically from this type of activity. Depending on your fitness level, this easy exercise can include walking, jogging or running!   

3. Play Sports with Your Kids

Children have a lot of energy, and although you may not be able to match them anymore, you can at least try! Head to the park or a field to blow off some steam - and have fun doing it! This easy exercise idea not only gets you into better shape, but it can also lead to quality family memories. It’s a win-win.

4. Use the Stairs, Not the Elevators

If you’re looking for an obvious easy exercise, climbing stairs is perfect. While elevators are convenient and less demanding, taking the stairs helps strengthen your lower body and improves your cardio. In some instances, climbing the staircase to your desired floor might actually be the quicker option as well!

5. Keep Up With Yard Work

Shovelling snow, raking leaves, cutting the grass and planting a garden are all great ways to add easy exercise into your day. Yard work is perfect for burning unwanted calories while making your property look like the best spot on the block. Like most workouts, it’s important to remember proper posture to prevent any kind of injuries.   

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