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Add some sleek style to your running shoes, trainers or cleats with Gray stretchy laces. Our shoelace technology, launched on Kickstarter, is breaking all the rules. Just install our Xpand® Lacing System that includes patent pending Lace Anchors® and never tie your shoelaces, or trip over them again! Zero memory elastic lets you pre-adjust the tension to perfectly conform to your feet, so your focus can stay laser-like on making the goal, slamming the dunk and scoring the winning points. Oh, and our laces are compatible with just about any brand including New Balance, Nike, Converse, Vans, and more!

Buy Elastic Grey Shoelaces and Stop Wasting Time

Did you know you spend 150 hours of your lifetime tying your shoes? That’s a shockingly high number. Just think of all the other things you could be doing with that time, such as going for a nice long run, sleeping in a little later, or going to see 50 superhero movies.

When you order elastic gray shoe strings from Xpand Laces, you’ll gain back the time you otherwise would have spent tussling with tying. Plus, our laces offer other benefits as well, such as:

  • They reflect light, making them ideal for evening strolls around the neighborhood or jogs in busy parks where runners and cyclists cram the pathways.
  • They are easy for kids to use, cutting down on the time it takes them to get ready for school in the morning.
  • They fit easily with any sneaker or athletic shoe, making them a breeze to lace up before their initial use.

Do Something New: Try Our No-Tie Gray Shoelaces

When was the last time you tried something new? Whether you’re ordering a different item at your favorite restaurant or trying out a sport you’ve never done before, life is about taking chances. Making bold choices can set you up for a more exciting day and a better tomorrow. Tossing your old shoelaces in favor of elastic gray shoe strings can be a neat way to try a new approach to life.

Life should be enjoyable, but if you’re always doing the same old things, it gets dull. Using our elastic gray shoelaces is just one way to spice things up. You can try other new things as well — and you’ll probably enjoy them. Use Xpand® Laces to help pull you out of your comfort zone and be more spontaneous. Besides, we have a 100 percent no-risk guarantee, so there’s really nothing to lose.

Get the Versatile Look of No-Tie Gray Shoelaces

When you buy a new accessory, it’s smart to get it in a color that will match a wide swath of your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with classic gray shoelaces. They’re bold enough to attract attention to your feet, but they also blend well with nearly any color combination you’re wearing on the rest of your outfit, from red to blue to yellow.

Experience the fun of Xpand Laces and enjoy a better fit for your shoes. Buy a pair or two today to jazz up your wardrobe.

Gray Lace System 

The gray lace system includes...

  • 2 Laces
  • 4 Lace Anchors
  • 4 Lace End Clips

Completes 1 pair of shoes. 

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Buy in Bulk Deal
3 for $25 no code needed