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Neon Yellow
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Squeeze every second out of sports, the gym and the trail with our Lemon Lime colored laces that let you slip on shoes in a snap. The Xpand® brand means stretchy, no tie shoelaces that let you get into your groove in no time. Have less than no time? No worries, we've got it covered in a cinch. So, go on and drink up the day, the gym, the juice and the thrill of it all. We'll tie up any loose ends with our Lace Anchor® lace locks and zero memory elastic. *Pictures of these laces were shot it sunlight settings.

Go Bright With Neon Yellow Shoelaces for Everyday and Athletic Use

It’s your time to shine. Stand out from the everyday when you unleash our elastic bright yellow shoelaces on your unsuspecting shoes. They will turn from regular sneakers, hiking boots or tennis shoes into sparkling reflections of your glowing personality. Doing something new can help you remember to take chances in life and try new things. Our no-tie bright yellow shoelaces keep you in the game.

Speaking of games, a lot of athletes find our shoelaces offer the ideal solution for shoes that keep coming untied. There’s nothing more annoying than being out for a run, and then tripping over a lace that comes undone. Keep yourself and your feet safe when you use Xpand® Laces on your running shoes. With the bright yellow laces, you’ll never lose track of them, no matter how fast you run!

Set Yourself Apart From the Rest With Elastic Bright Yellow Shoelaces

As human beings, we’re all unique. We love to show off our individuality through fashion, which allows us to reflect our personalities through what we’re wearing. Do you have a bigger-than-life personality? Embrace it with no-tie bright yellow shoelaces. You’ll never get lost in a crowd when you’re wearing these memorable laces. People will be drawn into your orbit and offer compliments on your bold fashion sense when you pull on shoes featuring these special accessories.

You can use our laces in many places, such as:

  • Hiking boots: The glowing yellow will really stand out against the dark color of the typical hiking boot
  • Sneakers: Many kids love to dress up their gym or play shoes with Xpand laces in bold colors, which also allows them to slip shoes on and off easily
  • Roller skates: With these fun laces, you never have to adjust your skates to a more comfortable setting again — just slip them on and off

Find the Xpand Laces That Are Right for You

If you’re looking for a dynamic addition to your wardrobe, you can’t beat our lemon-lime shoelaces. But for those who want a more understated look, we offer plenty of choices. We carry a range of shoe strings, from tan to dark blue to red to gray. You can find a color to suit your mood or complement your newest pair of shoes. You may even want to buy a few pairs of laces so you can mix and match.

Lemon Lime Lace System 

The lemon lime lace system includes...

  • 2 Laces
  • 4 Lace Anchors
  • 4 Lace End Clips

Completes 1 pair of shoes. 

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Buy in Bulk Deal
3 for $25 no code needed