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Quick-Release Lacing System

Quick-Release Lacing System

$749 Free
Solid Black
Solid White
Solid Gray
Navy Blue
Steel Reflective
Black Reflective
White Reflective
Gray Reflective
Solid Brown
Dark Brown
Baby Blue
True Blue
Sky Blue
Neon Green
Lemon Lime
Neon Orange
Neon Pink
Soft Pink
Pastel Purple
True Blue Reflective
Teal Reflective
Neon Green Reflective
Lemon Lime Reflective
Neon Orange Reflective
Red Reflective
Neon Pink Reflective
Purple Reflective
Brown Reflective
Glow In The Dark
Solid Black (Bundle price)
Black (Bundle price)
Solid White (Bundle price)
White (Bundle price)
Solid Gray (Bundle price)
Gray (Bundle price)
Navy Blue (Bundle price)
Steel Reflective (Bundle price)
Black Reflective (Bundle price)
White Reflective (Bundle price)
Gray Reflective (Bundle price)
Steel (Bundle price)
Brown (Bundle price)
Solid Brown (Bundle price)
Dark Brown (Bundle price)
Red (Bundle price)
Tan (Bundle price)
Baby Blue (Bundle price)
True Blue (Bundle price)
Sky Blue (Bundle price)
Teal (Bundle price)
Clover (Bundle price)
Neon Green (Bundle price)
Lemon Lime (Bundle price)
Yellow (Bundle price)
Pumpkin (Bundle price)
Neon Orange (Bundle price)
Maroon (Bundle price)
Neon Pink (Bundle price)
Soft Pink (Bundle price)
Magenta (Bundle price)
Purple (Bundle price)
Pastel Purple (Bundle price)
True Blue Reflective (Bundle price)
Teal Reflective (Bundle price)
Neon Green Reflective (Bundle price)
Lemon Lime Reflective (Bundle price)
Neon Orange Reflective (Bundle price)
Red Reflective (Bundle price)
Neon Pink Reflective (Bundle price)
Purple Reflective (Bundle price)
Brown Reflective (Bundle price)
Glow In The Dark (Bundle price)
Sand (Bundle price)
Cushioned No-Show Socks

Cushioned No-Show Socks

$599 Free
Black / M
Black / L
Gray / M
Gray / L
White / M
White / L
Lightweight No-Show Socks

Lightweight No-Show Socks

$499 Free
Black / M
Black / L
White / L
Cream / L
Gray / L
White / M
Cream / M
Gray / M


No matter what life looks like for you, our mission at Xpand is to help you move smarter. But, when our community showed us that our laces could do so much more, we knew we had to help. That's why we are committed to supporting initiatives to keep our communities safe and healthy. 

Here’s How We’re Helping

Donations to Hospitals

Donations to Hospitals

A portion of Xpand sales will be donated to local and international hospitals. If you would like us to add a hospital to our list, email us at

Donations to Medical Workers

Donations to Medical Workers

We are donating our no-tie laces to hospitals in an effort to help ensure that medical workers stay safe and comfortable while they bravely tackle their work on the frontlines. 

Elastics for DIY masks

Elastics for DIY masks

We are also donating our laces to community members who are currently sewing protective masks to donate to our healthcare heroes.

We'll continue updating you with new social impact initiatives that we are working on.

With your support Xpand has donated


No-Tie Elastic Laces to healthcare heroes


No-Tie Elastic Laces for DIY masks


N95 Masks to hospitals

and counting...


On rainy days, we like to search for the rainbow. 
So, while 2020 has been a challenging year, we are feeling more inspired than ever to incite positive change within the Xpand community and beyond. That’s why we are excited to announce some new initiatives we are launching in honour of Pride Month to support and celebrate the diverse and vibrant LGBTQ2S community.

Every time you purchase a pair of our rainbow laces, we will donate a portion of our sales to organizations that support the LGBTQ2S community.

During the month of June, for every pair of socks purchased, we will donate a pair to youth shelters who serve the LGBTQ2S community.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal customers.

We want you to be proud of wearing Xpand knowing that with every step you take you are helping us support initiatives that keep our communities safe and healthy.