This Tiny Clever Gadget Converts Any Shoe Into a Slip-On
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This Tiny Clever Gadget Converts Any Shoe Into a Slip-On

March 05, 2019

This Tiny Clever Gadget Converts Any Shoe Into a Slip-On

Xpand has become a shoelace phenomenon loved around the world. Everyone from athletes, parents to kids to seniors are thrilled that they never have to tie their shoes again!

Thanks to Xpand, you can now turn any shoe into a comfortable and convenient slip-on. The unique no-tie lacing system is changing how people wear shoes forever!

How Xpand Lace Anchors Work

The Xpand Lace Anchors secure your shoelaces in place, allowing you to slip your shoe on in 2 seconds flat. Manufactured with fiber reinforced resin, the Lace Anchors provide amazing durability, ensuring a snug fit with extreme comfort.

The Xpand Laces are made with premium-quality elastic rubber, which ensure a consistent comfortable fit throughout your day. Just pull the tongue of your shoe up and your foot will slip right in.

7 Reasons Why Xpand Laces are Life-Changing

    1. Never tie your shoes again
    2. Get out the door faster! Slip your shoes on instantly
    3. Maximize the comfort of your shoes
    4. One size fits any adult's & kid's shoes
    5. No more dirty untied shoelaces!
    6. Lock in your desired tension for a perfect fit every time
    7. More than 40 colors to choose from (including glow-in-the-dark and reflective laces)

    Did you know Xpand no-tie shoelaces are PERFECT for workouts? Learn more by clicking here. Don't forget to check out the helpful gym tips and tricks video series on YouTube and subscribe for more content!



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