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Our Story


We improve lives by creating innovative products centered around performance, comfort and style


Put your best foot forward

A shoe's performance is literally held together by its laces. Xpand creator Chuck Harris believed they could be better.

It all began in 2015 when Chuck had the misfortune of contracting West Nile Virus. One of the symptoms he experienced was the swelling of his feet throughout the day. It got so bad for him that the simple task of tying his shoes became painful - and with that, an idea was born.  -


Think outside the shoebox

Chuck asked, what if your shoes could remain comfortable and snug, whatever the conditions? Removing hot spots and pressure point aggravation, while remaining a perfect fit, every time. With that as his starting point, he devised a system to secure shoes using two elastic laces that allowed for a breathable, comfortably snug fit that regular shoelaces just wouldn’t allow. Add to that an innovative anchor mechanism which helped to secure the laces in place, removing the need to tie them ever again.


The Million-Dollar Kickstarter Video


Standing out in the crowd

The idea raised $1.2 million on crowdfunding sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and in the three years since entering the market, it has helped hundreds of thousands of people. People who value the simplicity of sliding their shoes on and off without a fuss. People who value a fresh, clean look. People who value a comfortable fitting, and high performing pair of shoes no matter what.

You know, people like you. 


Our Cause

At Xpand, we recognized the importance of goodwill and giving back to our communities through charitable donations and social awareness. Working with organizations such as First Book Canada has given us the opportunity to help those in need, and we are focused on continuing similar initiatives in the future. 



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