Are Xpand Laces adjustable after I trim them?

Finding the perfect fit is easy with Xpand Laces, as long as you don't trim them too short initially. We recommend testing the length before you make any cuts, and always set the initial adjustment on the loose side, so that you can always tighten them up if needed.

What are lengths of the Xpand shoelaces?

Xpand Laces are 52 inches long, and can stretch out to over twice that length, which makes them long enough for both high tops, Jordans and boots.

Will Xpand Laces fit high tops, boots, kids and toddlers shoes?

Absolutely. Xpand Laces elastic system is designed to stretch and be trimmed, which makes them perfect for all types of shoes. For this reason, Xpand Laces can work on shoes from kid's shoes to adult boots. For more detailed instructions, see our installation page.

Can I use Xpand® Lacing System for running and other sports?

Many of our satisfied customers choose Xpand Laces to meet their athletic needs. Depending on the demands of your sport, the tension can be adjusted to provide enough support and comfort. But remember that any shoelace worn too loose can result in a rolled ankle. 

Do you ship internationally?

Worldwide shipping is available. And better yet, when you buy 4 laces or more, international shipping fees are waived. See our shipping rates here.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

That depends where you are in the world. US Orders typically arrive within 3-7 business days, while international orders usually are received within 12 days. 

Where is my shipment?

If you are an international shopper and have been waiting for delivery for over 12 business days, there is a good chance your Xpand Laces are being held in your country's Customs. In rare occasions, goods can be held in Customs for up to 45 days. In cases like this, a missing package claim can be filed.

Please note that Custom fees are not included in your shipping fees. Customers are responsible for all customs/VAT/import fees.

Where do I enter the coupon and promo code?

After you enter your shipping information, you will be asked to enter your promo code. Once it is entered, your total price will be adjusted.

If you are checking out using PayPal, your coupon code must be entered after you have logged into your PayPal account and redirected back to our site to complete your purchase. 

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