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Shipping & Return

How much is shipping?

What is your return policy?

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How long will it take to get my package?

Can I expedite my order?

Do you allow for exchanges?

Xpand Laces

How to choose between flat and round laces?

Will it fit my shoes?

Are they adjustable?

What are the lengths of the Xpand laces?

Where can I purchase additional accessories, Lace Anchors, End Clips and other hardware?

How do I re-open the Lace Ends?

No-Show Socks

What material is the No-Show Lightweight Sock?

What material is the No-Show Cushioned Sock?

No-Show Belt

What is the difference between the Urban and Explorer buckle?

Can the belt straps interchanged?

Is it TSA approved?

What size belt is best for me?

Quick Wipes

Has it passed safety test?

Is the formula eco-friendly?

Suitable for what types of material?



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