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Original No-Tie Lacing System

Original No-Tie Lacing System

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Xpand Blog

Tips for an Active Lifestyle with our Quick-Release Lacing System

For some, “exercise” can be an extremely daunting word. Finding time to go to the gym can be a struggle when considering our busy day-to-day schedule, and gaining the willpower to get moving isn’t always the easiest. We all know that physical activity is necessary for a healthy body, but it requires a lot of effort and determination – or does it?
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Holiday Greetings from the Xpand Team

We wanted to take some time to thank you for a great year! We had an incredible 2019 and hope you did too. We’d like to take a few minutes to recap on the year. CP24 December was a busy season for us! We had our first TV commercial showcased on CP24, one of Canada's leading specialty news channels.  Vaughan Mills Kiosk Earlier this year, we launched our first-ever retail location. Vaughan Mills is a mall north of Toronto. If you’re ever in the area, don’t hesitate to come to visit us! The Xpand booth can be found right outside...

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6 Tips to Make Your Holiday Travels Stress-Free

The holidays are here… and we all know that traveling is a big part of the holiday season. Whether you are following the warm weather or visiting family out of state, traveling can be an exciting opportunity to relax, spend time with those you love and get some downtime.  But sometimes traveling is not all fun and games! You can experience delays, overbooked flights, tired kids and a list of things that can make it a bit of a nightmare.  But don't worry, as an avid traveler, I've gathered the best 6 tips that will make your family vacation go...

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No-tie shoelaces: Tradition or Innovation?

I've never been one to try new gadgets. In addition to skepticism, I’ve always thought that if something works, why change it?  I heard about these no-tie laces that supposedly provide “comfort, convenience, and performance.” Now, most of us learned how to tie our shoelaces when we were four or five years old… so why change that? I still remember eagerly showing my mom how fast and neatly I could tie my shoes - it was almost a right of passage into the whole “do it myself” phase of life. However, upon curiosity, I decided to venture out and try...

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How to transition from summer to fall and get through the school year!

It’s an exciting time for parents and little ones but making the switch back can be a little bit stressful. Here are a few tips to help parents and kids adjust to the hectic days inside the classroom and to get the most out of their childhood years.
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Xpand Proudly Supports Terry Fox Day

We here at Xpand, are proudly Canadian and want to pay tribute to Terry Fox’s legacy as one of Canada’s greatest heroes. Terry Fox’s courageous story is an inspiration and reminds us that our greatest strengths are empathy, perseverance and human ingenuity.
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5 Forgotten Running Tips (For Beginners and Intermediates)

Whether you prefer sweating it out on the treadmill or going for a long trek in the great outdoors, there are a few key things to keep in mind if you’re looking to get the best out of your workout.
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A Simple Way to Make Your Workout More Effective

For any activity, like running, crossfit, HIIT or weight lifting, Xpand no-tie shoelaces can help provide more comfort and convenience before, during and after your workout.
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Xpand: Year in Review - 2018

2018 was the best yet for Xpand thanks to many milestone achievements, charitable partnerships, and of course, the successful launch of our new product - the Quick-Release Lacing System. All of this was made possible because of the ever growing support of our customers and for that we are very grateful.
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Tying Your Shoes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time for women, full of wonder and anticipation for their new bundle of joy. Many women excitedly watch their belly grow and embrace the numerous changes pregnancy brings to their bodies. Along with the beautiful changes — such as feeling the baby kick and having amazing hair, skin and nails — come some not-so-welcome changes, such as swollen ankles and feet, clumsiness and the decreased ability to bend and stretch.
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How to Customize Your Shoes | Easy DIY's | Xpandlaces

Are you less than impressed with the options at your favorite shoe store? You don’t have to settle for average shoes or show up in the same shoes as someone else. Instead, customize your shoes to show off your creative side or match your favorite outfit perfectly, to stand out in a sea of boring sneakers.
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Great Tips For Cleaning Your Shoes & Shoelaces

You invested a pretty penny in those shoes of yours. You’ve broken them in, worn them on your daily runs, hiked to beautiful spots, upgraded your laces, slipped them on for Saturdays in the park and worn them to walk the dog before sunrise. Now they’re filthy and smelly … but you can’t bear to pitch them just yet.
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