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Quick-Release Lacing System

Quick-Release Lacing System

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Solid Black
Solid White
Solid Gray
Navy Blue
Steel Reflective
Black Reflective
White Reflective
Gray Reflective
Solid Brown
Dark Brown
Baby Blue
True Blue
Sky Blue
Neon Green
Lemon Lime
Neon Orange
Neon Pink
Soft Pink
Pastel Purple
True Blue Reflective
Teal Reflective
Neon Green Reflective
Lemon Lime Reflective
Neon Orange Reflective
Red Reflective
Neon Pink Reflective
Purple Reflective
Brown Reflective
Glow In The Dark

Original No-Tie Lacing System Lace Ends

$ 2.99

Shoelace Clips - Set of 4

Whether you accidentally lost a clip or your favorite furry family member chewed one up, Xpand is ready to keep you moving faster. Buy clips for shoelaces and make sure your favorite lace-ups give you the comfort and speed that only no-tie shoe strings can offer.

Xpand Is Changing the Way You Wear Shoes

Xpand’s no-tie elastic shoelaces are the faster, cooler and more comfortable way to wear shoes. Convert your Stealth Mode elastic laces into Visible Mode with the addition of our end clips. Simple to use and completely adjustable, your end laces ensure you can modify the fit of your Visible Mode laces as much — or as little — as you want.

Our end clips are reusable, too. Simply insert the lace end through the hole in the center of the clip and pinch the ends shut. Let the clips hang loose, or tuck them into your lace and keep them secure. Switch back to Stealth Mode by pressing the lever on the clip, and voila! You’re ready to re-lace your shoes however you want.

Get Cooler and Go Faster With Xpand

Xpand’s collection of elastic, zero-memory shoelaces includes everything you need to never tie your shoes again. Browse elastic laces in white, black and neutral colors. Make your shoes pop with bold and bright tones that reveal your unmistakable style. Love running in the early hours or at night? Stay safe and opt for our reflective laces. With a money-back guarantee, you can’t go wrong with Xpand!

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