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Comfort Patterns

One of the biggest compliments we receive from our customers is the amount of comfort our product has brought to their feet.  Everything from Tendonitis to swelling feet has been relieved by our laces.  Many of our customers tell us our product is the custom insole for the top of their feet.  Runners swear by our product claiming less foot fatigue and the elimination of hot spots during long runs and marathons.  When we designed this product our focus was on bringing simplicity to the user, not necessarily comfort, but the feedback was not something we could ignore!  Since launching in 2015, we have gathered all the comfort benefits the Xpand Lacing System has brought to our customers and have found the below lacing patterns to take the Xpand experience to the next level.  If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, send it back for a refund!

Bar Lacing Method

  1. Great for kids or adults
  2. Great for swelling feet
  3. Low tension pattern for extreme tendonitis
  4. Great for boots and high tops
  5. Great for casual wear

High In-Step Lacing Method

  1. Great for high arches
  2. Great for Upper extensor tendonitis 
  3. Great for Navicular stress fractures
  4. Great for active/casual wear

Wide Foot Lacing Method

  1. Great for wide feet
  2. Great for Lower Extensor Tendonitis 
  3. Great for bunions or blisters 
  4. Great for metatarsal stress fractures
  5. Great for active/casual wear

    Even Pressure Lacing Method

    1. Great for kids or adults
    2. Provides even pressure along the top of feet
    3. Helps to eliminate hot spots
    4. Great for active/casual wear



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