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Quick-Release Lacing System

Quick-Release Lacing System

$749 Free
Solid Black
Solid White
Solid Gray
Navy Blue
Steel Reflective
Black Reflective
White Reflective
Gray Reflective
Solid Brown
Dark Brown
Baby Blue
True Blue
Sky Blue
Neon Green
Lemon Lime
Neon Orange
Neon Pink
Soft Pink
Pastel Purple
True Blue Reflective
Teal Reflective
Neon Green Reflective
Lemon Lime Reflective
Neon Orange Reflective
Red Reflective
Neon Pink Reflective
Purple Reflective
Brown Reflective
Glow In The Dark
Solid Black (Bundle price)
Black (Bundle price)
Solid White (Bundle price)
White (Bundle price)
Solid Gray (Bundle price)
Gray (Bundle price)
Navy Blue (Bundle price)
Steel Reflective (Bundle price)
Black Reflective (Bundle price)
White Reflective (Bundle price)
Gray Reflective (Bundle price)
Steel (Bundle price)
Brown (Bundle price)
Solid Brown (Bundle price)
Dark Brown (Bundle price)
Red (Bundle price)
Tan (Bundle price)
Baby Blue (Bundle price)
True Blue (Bundle price)
Sky Blue (Bundle price)
Teal (Bundle price)
Clover (Bundle price)
Neon Green (Bundle price)
Lemon Lime (Bundle price)
Yellow (Bundle price)
Pumpkin (Bundle price)
Neon Orange (Bundle price)
Maroon (Bundle price)
Neon Pink (Bundle price)
Soft Pink (Bundle price)
Magenta (Bundle price)
Purple (Bundle price)
Pastel Purple (Bundle price)
True Blue Reflective (Bundle price)
Teal Reflective (Bundle price)
Neon Green Reflective (Bundle price)
Lemon Lime Reflective (Bundle price)
Neon Orange Reflective (Bundle price)
Red Reflective (Bundle price)
Neon Pink Reflective (Bundle price)
Purple Reflective (Bundle price)
Brown Reflective (Bundle price)
Glow In The Dark (Bundle price)
Sand (Bundle price)
Cushioned No-Show Socks

Cushioned No-Show Socks

$599 Free
Black / M
Black / L
Gray / M
Gray / L
White / M
White / L
Lightweight No-Show Socks

Lightweight No-Show Socks

$499 Free
Black / M
Black / L
White / L
Cream / L
Gray / L
White / M
Cream / M
Gray / M
Brown - One Size fits all

Brown - One Size fits all

$749 Free
Brown (Bundle price)


Original No-Tie Lacing System Lace Anchors®

$ 3.99

Lace Anchors - Pack of 4 (completes 1 pair of shoes) 

Ready to get creative with your no-show laces, or just bummin’ because you accidentally lost a few? Xpand has you covered. Order an extra set of our lace anchors and make sure every pair of lace-ups you own keeps you looking cooler and moving fast comfortably.

Never Tie Your Shoes Again

Expand your mind and Xpand your shoes with our no-tie elastic shoelaces! You’ll need our lace anchors for Stealth and Visible Modes. Easy to install and small enough to rest comfortably on the insides of your shoes, you’ll love that our lace anchors are adjustable and strong. Watch our easy-to-follow video, and you’ll learn how to install our lace anchors and never tie your shoes again!

Our reusable lace anchors and elastic laces ensure you’ll get the perfect fit every time, whether you like them tight for working out or loose for running errands. Turn your favorite lace-up shoes into slip-ons with Xpand, no matter what kind of shoes they are. From running shoes to casual kicks to dress shoes, you won’t believe how much easier and more comfortable your shoes become.

Explore the Collection and Buy Today

Xpand manufactures elastic no-tie shoelaces for every kind of lace-up shoe. Explore dozens of lace colors and styles, including classic black and white, plus neutrals, vibrants and reflectives. Add them to your favorite dress shoes for work, and install them on your favorite casual shoes for play! Completely adjustable, Xpand also offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our elastic, zero-memory laces.

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