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6 Tips to Make Your Holiday Travels Stress-Free

The holidays are here… and we all know that traveling is a big part of the holiday season. Whether you are following the warm weather or visiting family out of state, traveling can be an exciting opportunity to relax, spend time with those you love and get some downtime. 

But sometimes traveling is not all fun and games! You can experience delays, overbooked flights, tired kids and a list of things that can make it a bit of a nightmare. 

But don't worry, as an avid traveler, I've gathered the best 6 tips that will make your family vacation go smoothly.

Bring Snacks

Food is the solution to your problems. The kids are getting bored? Offer them a snack! They aren’t hungry? Your turn to have a snack. Here are some ideas:

Baby food, Halloween candy, Christmas treats, trail mixes, granola bars, mini cereal packs, pre-cut fruits, and mini sandwiches.

Don’t forget drinks: juices, waters, maybe some real “drinks” for the parents ;). Just don’t have too many liquids if you’re in a car or plane - no one wants to have to go to the washroom every hour.

Be careful of what you try to bring through airport security, you’ll have to buy all liquids over 100ml after arriving at your gate.

Use Credit card points

These days it’s possible to save thousands on every trip you take. If you have existing points, start to use them. If you aren’t an avid points collector, then research some techniques to gather travel points. It’s worth utilizing for everyone.

Airport Security

Passing through airport security is a nightmare. Everyone’s in a rush and you don’t want to be the one to hold up the line.

We tried Xpand’s Original No-Tie Shoelaces and the Quick-Release Lacing System which turns any sneaker into a slip-on and can help you adjust your tension easily. The no-tie laces simplified the most awkward part of passing through security – putting back on your shoes. With the Quick-Release laces, you can easily adjust the tension, which I found to be a great travel hack, as I tend to get swollen feet with the changing weather and long walks.

Bring Medicine

Bring your usual medical supplies, as well as any medical remedies that your kids often need, and make sure to bring it in your carry-on luggage.


You’re going to need some distractions for your kids and yourself. Bring toys, coloring books, reading books and headphones for the in-plane entertainment. There are often good shows and movies for kids on plane tablets.

Give your kids your contact info

No one anticipates losing track of their child, but it can happen, and you should be prepared for the worst.

We’ve all seen a lost child looking for their parents but don’t know how to contact them. Give your kids a slip of paper to keep in their pockets with your contact information. If they’re of the phone age, have them keep your information on their phone.

Best of luck with your adventures and remember, safety always comes first.

Guest blogger: Chloe F. 

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