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Sweet feet - Shoelace patterns with a purpose. Try one with our Xpand® No Tie Lacing System!

April 24, 2016

Sweet feet - Shoelace patterns with a purpose.  Try one with our Xpand® No Tie Lacing System!

Did you know that simply changing your shoelace pattern with our Xpand® Elastic Lacing System can further enhance your footwear experience?  Give one of them a shot on your next pair of shoes!

BAR LACING: This is a great low-tension pattern for casual wearSkipping the top eyelet makes slipping on even easier than it already is.  This is also great for anyone who has feet that swell throughout the day due to the single bands expanding and contracting with ease.  Great for dress shoes as well.

ZIPPER LACING: This pattern is also great for casual and light activity wear. With slightly more tension than the bar lacing pattern you can do some fast pace activity with a unique and eye-catching shoelace design.  This pattern is extremely simple with comfort, style and functionality all in one.

WIDE FOOT LACING: If you have extra wide feet and often have cramping or feel like you just don't have enough room in your shoes, give this a shot. Not only does this pattern provide comfort for your wide feet, you will still have the support you need to do your walking, jogging and running.

HIGH INSTEP LACING: Do you have constant pain in the arches of your feet? This could be due to a high instep. Not only will this cause pain in the arch area, this can also cause pain on the top of the foot due to more pressure being placed directly above the arch. This pattern will also support walking, jogging and running.

STRAIGHT TONGUE LACING: We have all had that pair of shoes that has the tongue that slides to side constantly. Well this is the ultimate fix that solves the problem for good. With tension pulling in both directions in the tongue loop, the tongue has nowhere to go except in the middle where it belongs.

STANDARD LACING: This is the lacing method we are all well aware of. Well at least you thought you were! There are actually quite a few ways to "standard lace" your shoes. The way you start and whether you go into each eyelet from the top or bottom completely changes the pattern. Our future videos will explain it all!


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