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Top Tips for Hosting a Pink Out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Top Tips for Hosting a Pink Out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

September 16, 2016

Every year in October, people around the world unite to put on events that help bring awareness to breast cancer. These events are also meant to honor and remember those who have fallen victim to this disease. Additionally, Breast Cancer Awareness Month intends to gather people together at events in order to raise funds for ongoing research, treatment technologies and campaign promotions. This year, Xpand Laces is supporting the cause by reppin’ our neon pink, reflective neon pink, soft pink and magentaelastic shoelaces. Join us in our support today!

Over the years, the breast cancer awareness movement has grown so strong it now has not only its own designated month but its own designated color too: pink. Wearing this color is a way to show your support for breast cancer awareness and the push to find cures for this deadly disease.

But the movement has far outstretched simply wearing pink for support. “Pink out” parties are now becoming increasingly popular whereby people throw fundraising parties and events that are all pink-themed. These pink out events bring people together to raise awareness and money to be donated to any of the hundreds of breast cancer charitable organizations around the world.

If you’re interested in participating in or organizing a pink out event this October, then read on to learn more great breast cancer awareness tips in this guide to pinking out, including what sort of breast cancer awareness gear, clothing and accessories you’ll need.


What is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

October is designated around the world as Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). This event is also sometimes referred to as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an internationally organized health campaign started to raise awareness and funds regarding the disease, its causes, prevention methods and cures.

breast cancer in women

In the United States, approximately 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. Early detection of breast cancer is vital to improving survival rates for those suffering from this disease. Breast Cancer Awareness Month aims to help people understand how to implement a breast cancer screening practice and encourage others to do the same. The goal of this global awareness initiative is ultimately to save more lives through early detection and prevention of this prolific disease.

Thousands of international charities, businesses and organizations cooperate during this month to organize and communicate a unanimous message of hope and proactive health. While most people are aware of breast cancer and likely know someone affected by it, a large portion of the population doesn’t take the necessary steps to detect it in its early stages.

Likely one of the most well-known organizations associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the National Football League (NFL). The league dedicates the entire month of October to breast cancer awareness, doing things such as:

  • Spray-painting its fields with pink breast cancer ribbons
  • Having players wear pink laces in their cleats and don pink gloves
  • Using pink towels and water bottles.

It’s not uncommon to notice a wave of pink in the stands throughout the stadium during any given game in any city in October.

The message behind the NFL’s support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is “A Crucial Catch,” encouraging women to get regular screenings in order to catch signs of breast cancer early on. This is part of a longstanding partnership with the American Cancer Society to help raise awareness about how crucial it is for all women over the age of 40 to receive regular breast cancer screenings.


Why Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness?

The breast cancer awareness movement uses the color pink all year long but especially during October as a way to draw attention and build up enthusiasm for supporting this important cause. Pink ribbons have been synonymous with breast cancer awareness for many years, and its identity has continued to grow steadily over the past decade.

pink ribbon awareness

The first known link between breast cancer awareness and the pink ribbon was in 1991, when pink ribbons were handed out to participants of the Susan G. Komen Foundation race in New York City. Since then, pink ribbons have been made available at stores and events around the world in exchange for a donation to breast cancer research.

Further still, pink ribbon products, clothing, accessories and other gear have been specially designed and manufactured for those who wish to support the movement and organize events in its name. As part of the growing movement and the dedication of the month of October to breast cancer awareness, pink-themed parties have become an important trend in communities around the world.

These pink parties are also known as “pink outs,” whereby the attendants and participants all enjoy creatively wearing pink gear and accessories together while raising funds for the breast cancer charity of their choice.


Top Pink Out Trends for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Anyone can host their own pink out party at their home, work, school, church or even at a local venue. Once you’ve selected your charity of choice, you can start getting creative and organizing your very own pink out for breast cancer party.

If you’re interested in being part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month movement, then you can show your support this October by throwing a pink out fundraising party. Here are some of the top tips and trends to try at your pink out party for breast cancer awareness.


1. Send Pink Invites

    If you’re throwing a pink out for breast cancer awareness party, then you’ll need to let people know about it. Send pink-themed invites to your guests to let them know about the event. Also, let them know of any specific details such as a donation amount and the charity the raised money is going to.  Be sure to let guests know what to bring or expect at the party so they can have fun and participate.

    If you’re throwing a pink out in honor of a survivor or someone you know, then include information in the invite about their story and why it’s important to raise awareness. You may also wish to share important breast cancer resources or links in your pink out invite or evite to further help raise awareness about breast cancer detection.


    2. Implement a Pink Dress Code

      Encourage your pink out guests to wear pink clothing for breast cancer awareness month. Head to toe pink only further adds to the fun. Some of the different shades of pink you can mix and match together include:

      pink shades breast cancer awareness

      • Soft rose or baby pink
      • Deep pinks such as magenta or fuschia
      • Flavorful pinks like watermelon, peach, bubblegum and strawberry
      • Fluorescent or hot pink

      You can even give away prizes for guests who put together the most creative pink outfits that include the best pink accessories for breast cancer awareness. 


      3. Supply Pink Goodie Bags

        One of the best parts of attending a party is the goodie bags you get to take with you at the end of the night. If you’re selling tickets to your pink out party or asking for donations, then give your guests some pink-themed goodies. Fill pink bags full of pink breast cancer ribbons and bracelets, pink snacks and candy, or other little pink-colored items. Align the goodies with whatever kind of event you’re throwing, such as a sports event or a girls’ night in.


        4. Do Pink-Themed Crafts

          Having craft tables set up at your pink out for breast cancer party is a creative way to have fun and spread awareness. Craft parties are great for families and seniors to get involved in the movement. There are plenty of possibilities, with pinked-themed crafts such as pink-painted flower pots, pink Christmas tree ornaments, or pink knitted scarves and gloves for kids.

          Have the craft makers sell their works and donate the money to your preferred breast cancer charity. Check out Pinterest for hundreds of different breast cancer awareness craft ideas for your upcoming pink out party.


          5. Pink Out Your Décor

            One of the best parts of throwing a breast cancer awareness party is the fun you get to have designing the decorations and coming up with the party theme. Get your friends or colleagues together to decorate your home, classroom, office or other venue in pink décor. There are countless decoration ideas to take advantage of for your pink out for breast cancer awareness party. Here are some pink décor ideas to try:

            • Pink flowers and centerpieces with the signature pink ribbon
            • Multi-colored pink balloons strung together in the shape of the breast cancer ribbon
            • Strings of Christmas lights with pink bulbs
            • Pink paper lanterns
            • Paper plates, napkins, cups and cutlery in pink
            • Pink tablecloths and streamers
            • Pink glow sticks or glow necklaces

            Many of these pink décor items can be reused again for birthday or bachelorette parties you may host in the future.

            Another décor idea is to hang pictures of breast cancer survivors or those who have lost their lives in the fight against breast cancer. Put the pictures in hand-painted pink picture frames to help share their message and spread awareness among your guests.


            6. Serve Pink Themed Drinks

              Whether it’s an adults-only or family-friendly event, you can serve up some pink-colored beverages at your upcoming pink out for breast cancer awareness event. Freeze pink grapefruit juice in an ice tray and serve pink ice cubes with juice or soda.

              pink colored beverages

              Or, for those who are of age, blend your pink ice cubes with your alcohol of choice to create pink-themed margaritas or daiquiris. Present them to your guests in pink cups or glasses to add extra fun to your pink out bar. Make it a cash donation bar to help further raise funds for your breast cancer charity.


              7. Bake Breast Cancer Ribbon Cookies

                pink colored pastries

                Get your friends and family together to bake pink pastries. Try sugar cookies with pink ribbon icing or strawberry cupcakes with pink fruit on top. Host a bake sale in your community, neighborhood, school or workplace with your pink pastries to raise money for your breast cancer charity of choice.


                8. Get Active

                  Another fun way to throw a pink out party is to make it center around sports and staying active. Healthy living and staying active are important aspects of preventing and treating breast cancer. Additionally, sports events for breast cancer awareness ensure children of all ages, as well as men, can participate — not just women.

                  Put together a variety of game stations or different mini-games for your participants to play. Here are some examples of games to add to your pink out sports day:

                  • Pink balloon darts
                  • Pink water balloon or beanbag toss
                  • Egg on the spoon race — dye the eggs pink
                  • Potato sack races
                  • Football or baseball toss using pink balls

                  And since they’ll be busy running around and staying active, guests can put together pink-themed sports outfits with pink gear for breast cancer. Try Xpand Laces elastic shoelaces for runners and athletic shoes. Xpand Laces are one size fits all and come in soft pink, neon pink, magenta and a reflective neon pink all perfect for your pink out sports party. You can even organize your guests into teams and give away pink prizes for the participants who showed the most pink spirit.


                  9. Throw a Pink Ladies Night

                    A popular way to raise money for breast cancer is to throw a pink out party that’s also a girls night in. Organize some relaxing spa treatments like a manicure and pedicure station that provides a variety of pink nail polishes. Certain beauty products, such as LAKUR nail polishes, will donate a portion of their profits to breast cancer charities. Or make it a sparkly pink themed ladies night by hosting a pink jewelry party, and donate the profits to a cancer research organization.

                    pink party girls night

                    You can also set up a pink drinks station for your guests. Try pink champagne or raspberry blended drinks for your pink-loving guests. Throw on some pink-themed movies such as “Legally Blonde” or “Pretty in Pink? to get into the pink spirit. Have your guests donate a certain minimum amount in order to raise money for your chosen charity.


                    10. Get Cooking

                      If you’re looking for a more intimate and family-oriented pink out party, then throw a dinner party or backyard BBQ, provided the weather is still good in your area. Invite family, neighbors and close friends over to have some of your home cooking, and donate to your charitable organization. Use the tips here for the best pink décor ideas and beverages for your pinked out dinner party.


                      11. Wig Out

                        Get your office or workplace to pink out for breast cancer awareness by throwing a pink wig party. Purchase and distribute pink wigs and pink beards and mustaches for the men. Get together at lunchtime and have co-workers donate money to your favorite breast cancer awareness charity. Remember to take lots of pictures in your pink wigs and post them on social media to continue to raise awareness.

                        pink wigs breast cancer awareness

                        If you work in a conservative or professional work setting, then encourage co-workers to wear pink accessories for breast cancer at the pink out event. Pink accessory ideas include pink ties, shoes, jewelry and more.


                        12. Celebrate Pink Fridays

                          You’re never too young to start thinking about early breast cancer detection, which is why it’s a great idea to throw pink out parties at your local college or university or even at high schools. Designate each Friday in October as a “Pink Friday” that can feature different pink-themed events for young adults. Get the faculty involved as well to further help spread awareness. Be sure to include lots of information and resources for young people on the disease, and how and when to get screened for breast cancer.

                          Examples of Pink Fridays for school fundraisers include:

                          • Pink popcorn party
                          • Pink bake sale
                          • Pink talent show
                          • Dye-your-hair-pink events
                          • Teacher dunk tanks
                          • Pink-themed pep rallies
                          • Pink dance-off competitions
                          • Breast cancer survivor nights
                          • Pink fashion show nights


                          13. Join the Pink Breakfast Club

                            Plan for pink breakfast club events during the month of October. These can be held once, or for more of a splash, try hosting them each Saturday or Sunday in October to raise more awareness and funding for breast cancer research.

                            You can host pink breakfast clubs at your home or alternate between a group of friends. Alternatively, try partnering with a local restaurant to co-host pink breakfast club events. Add some pink décor as well as pink-themed beverages and foods to tie it all in. Encourage attendees to adhere to a strict pink-only dress code, and give out best costume prizes at your pink breakfast club gatherings.


                            14. Paint Pink Pumpkins

                              October may be breast cancer awareness month, but it’s also Halloween. Why not tie the two events together and host a neighborhood pink pumpkin event for kids and adults alike. Get together and paint your pumpkins different shades of pink. By then end, your whole street will have pink pumpkins lined up on their doorsteps, further helping raise awareness for breast cancer.


                              15. Organize a Pink Clothing Swap-n-Shop

                                In a move toward being more environmentally friendly, swap-n-shops are becoming popular among groups of friends or within the broader local community. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can combine the two ideas together and host a pink clothing for breast cancer awareness swap-n-shop or pink clothing sale.

                                pink clothing breast cancer awareness

                                Have guests bring their pink clothing, accessories and gear to the event, and encourage participants to make donations to a breast cancer research charity. Proceeds from the sales of pink clothing can also be donated to a breast cancer charity. Also encourage dressing up for breast cancer awareness by wearing pink duds to the actual event.


                                Tips for Raising Funds from Your Pink Out for Breast Cancer Party

                                Throwing a pink out party can be a fun and exciting way to raise money for breast cancer awareness campaigns and organizations. Here are tips for helping you raise more funds at your pink out party:

                                • Make a minimum donation amount and put it on the invite, evite or email.
                                • Have multiple ways to donate, whether it’s in person with cash or via a direct link to the charity’s donation platform on their website. This makes it easy for people to participate and donate their funds.
                                • Let guests know about the specific cause, and share your personal reasons for throwing a fundraising party to generate more enthusiasm for the event.
                                • Sell tickets to attend the event, and let guests know proceeds are going to your chosen charity.
                                • Use social media platforms such as Facebook groups and Meetup to help promote the event and get more attendees.
                                • Use other resources such as school or work notifications and communications to start spreading the word about your event.


                                Breast Cancer Charitable Organizations

                                 If you’re ready to throw a pink out party for breast cancer awareness, but you’re unsure of where to donate your funds, here are some of the top breast cancer awareness and research charitable organizations waiting to accept your donations:

                                There are plenty more breast cancer charities both nationally and locally for you to give to. Check the resources in your local area to find your favorite breast cancer awareness charity.


                                Show Your Breast Cancer Awareness Month Support

                                If you’re ready to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, then purchase a pair of Xpand Laces in soft pink, neon pink, magenta or reflective neon pink to wear for your October pink out party and all year long.

                                pink Xpand Laces

                                Share this blog with anyone who is in need of great ideas for their breast cancer awareness fundraising event.

                                Page Updated September 20, 2017

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