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Tying Your Shoes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time for women, full of wonder and anticipation for their new bundle of joy. Many women excitedly watch their belly grow and embrace the numerous changes pregnancy brings to their bodies. Along with the beautiful changes — such as feeling the baby kick and having amazing hair, skin and nails — come some not-so-welcome changes, such as swollen ankles and feet, clumsiness and the decreased ability to bend and stretch.
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How to Customize Your Shoes | Easy DIY's | Xpandlaces

Are you less than impressed with the options at your favorite shoe store? You don’t have to settle for average shoes or show up in the same shoes as someone else. Instead, customize your shoes to show off your creative side or match your favorite outfit perfectly, to stand out in a sea of boring sneakers.
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Great Tips For Cleaning Your Shoes & Shoelaces

You invested a pretty penny in those shoes of yours. You’ve broken them in, worn them on your daily runs, hiked to beautiful spots, upgraded your laces, slipped them on for Saturdays in the park and worn them to walk the dog before sunrise. Now they’re filthy and smelly … but you can’t bear to pitch them just yet.
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Top Tips for Hosting a Pink Out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every year in October, people around the world unite to put on events that help bring awareness to breast cancer. These events are also meant to honor and remember those who have fallen victim to this disease. Additionally, Breast Cancer Awareness Month intends to gather people together at events in order to raise funds for ongoing research, treatment technologies and campaign promotions. 
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Sweet feet - Shoelace patterns with a purpose. Try one with our Xpand® No Tie Lacing System!

Did you know that simply changing your shoelace pattern with our Xpand® Elastic Lacing System can further enhance your footwear experience?  Give one of them a shot on your next pair of shoes!
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Drum Roll….. XpandⓇ Stretchy Laces Lasso The Moon: We’re Launched!

It’s official! We are launched!! Hip, hip hooray! Yes, the XpandⓇ Lacing system is now officially on the market and we are ready to take over the world, two stretchy laces at a time! What a ride it has been...  
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